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6 Tips To Celebrate an Eco Friendly Diwali in 2023 with Scented Candles : Green Diwali

Diwali, a festive occasion brimming with love and joy, is celebrated worldwide with the same fervor as in India. This Festival of Lights is marked by the radiance of numerous lamps, delectable sweets, the exchange of gifts, and the vibrant display of fireworks. It appears to be all fun and adds a special charm to the Diwali night, with new clothes and the exhilarating crackling sounds of fireworks. However, the day after, newspapers are filled with reports of noise pollution levels, air pollution concerns, poor air quality, and even cases of reduced visibility due to the smoke from the fireworks. The discarded plastic wrappings from gifts and sweets make up a significant portion of the post-Diwali waste. Given this scenario, advocating for an eco friendly Diwali is the most responsible choice.

The concept of an eco friendly Diwali might initially sound unexciting, but it can be quite enjoyable. It involves using chemical-free rangoli colours for creating vibrant designs. Instead of setting off firecrackers, lighting earthen diyas or environmentally friendly candles made from soy wax is a more eco-conscious choice that benefits the environment. Decorating your home with eco-friendly and recyclable products can also contribute to a greener celebration.


Saying no to plastic for gift wrapping is a significant step towards making a positive change. It's time to be the change that benefits future generations. By choosing an eco friendly Diwali, we can stop harming the environment in the pursuit of momentary happiness. Instead, let's celebrate in a way that's more peaceful and sustainable, while still embracing the love and joy that Diwali represents.


Why Should You Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali?


Celebrating an eco friendly Diwali signifies our commitment to environmental protection. It is also the promotion of a sustainable way of life. While Hindus passionately celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights, by lighting oil lamps and burning fireworks, opting for eco-friendly candles over crackers can have a positive impact on the environment. By making this responsible choice, we can mitigate the adverse effects on the environment associated with traditional Diwali practices. Here's why this is important:


  • Poor Air Quality


The burning of firecrackers and fireworks releases harmful chemicals and pollutants into the atmosphere. This, in turn, significantly degrades air quality, posing a health risk, particularly to individuals with respiratory conditions or those at risk of developing respiratory issues. Opting for eco-friendly firecrackers or refraining from their use entirely can contribute to better air quality, promoting a healthier and more eco friendly Diwali.


  • Noise Pollution


Fireworks and firecrackers can generate extremely loud noise levels, leading to distress among animals, including stray dogs and pets. Moreover, this noise not only affects animals but also disrupts people who may be facing important events, such as exams or those who are trying to rest or sleep. Opting for quieter and eco-friendly alternatives for various types of celebrations can be a solution to mitigate noise pollution.


  • Waste Management


The residue from fireworks, including burnt paper and gift wrappers from sweet boxes, forms a part of the waste generated during Diwali. Managing this waste effectively, particularly by using sustainable products for an eco friendly diwali celebration, can simplify the post-celebration cleanup and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.


  • Cultural Preservation


Diwali's essence is rooted in the celebration of light triumphing over darkness and good prevailing over evil. An eco friendly Diwali is in harmony with the traditional values of purity and unity, ensuring that these cultural elements are not eclipsed by environmental harm.


  • Future Generations


Celebrating an eco friendly Diwali serves as a positive role model for the younger generation. It teaches a valuable lesson about the preservation of the environment. The importance of the environment and taking responsibility for the well-being of our planet These small actions are important for teaching the future generation. As people care about the planet, it becomes better in the long run.


How to Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali


The eco friendly Diwali celebration is one of the best ways. It embraces the spirit of the festival while minimizing its environmental impact. Here are six unique ways to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali:-


  1. Select Eco-Friendly Candles and Diyas


When selecting lighting options, selecting earthen diyas or candles that are crafted from sustainable materials. Avoid plastic or not renewable alternatives in order to minimise negative environmental impact. The eco-friendly celebrations have the benefit of reducing waste. However, they also bring a touch of traditional charm to the celebrations.


  1. Use LEDs and Energy-Efficient Bulbs


Energy-efficient LED lighting should take the place of traditional fluorescent lighting. LED lights have an extended lifespan and use a lot less electricity. To save energy, think about utilising ornamental lights sparingly and minimising their quantity.


  1. Make Natural Rangoli


Colourful rangoli patterns are an essential part of any Diwali celebration. While traditionally rangoli was constructed using food ingredients, current rangoli hues have changed the game by using synthetic sand dyes. Roses, daisies, golden or yellow marigolds, etc., would all work wonderfully. This Diwali, instead of using oil paint and toxic-artificial hues to decorate your rangoli, try using organic colours, flowers, candles and clay diyas.


  1. Reduce Waste, Home Upgrades


During Diwali, we all do a lot of cleaning at our homes and offices. We often end up throwing away many things, like old clothes, broken items, newspapers, and bulbs. But instead of just throwing them out, use your creativity to turn these things into decorations for your home. When you're cleaning, remember to check your closet. Donate the clothes you don't wear anymore to those who are in need. It's a kind way to make others happy and help them. And remember, it's not just your closet; you can declutter your whole house, not just one part!


  1. Heartfelt Gifts, Not Store Gifts


While exchanging gifts was once a joyous part of the Diwali celebration, the holiday's commercialization has reduced it to a mindless exchange of sugary treats. Do not follow the crowd on Diwali 2023—try something different, like giving the gift of a plant, organic foods, a subscription to online yoga lessons, etc. 


  1. Avoid Plastic Wraps


Make sure you are not using plastic or non-biodegradable materials while wrapping presents for Diwali. Use biodegradable paper or newspapers as an alternative. As a substitute, the Japanese practice of "Furoshiki" can be employed; this involves wrapping presents in a square-shaped cloth that is both environmentally friendly and traditionally made.



In the year 2023, let's wholeheartedly welcome eco friendly diwali celebrations and make a positive impact on our planet. Through the adoption of sustainable practices, we have the power to safeguard our environment, preserve valuable resources, and pave the way for a healthier future for the generations ahead. Our Diwali festivities should revolve around nurturing the environment with love and responsibility. This can be achieved by using earthen diyas, soy wax candles, or energy-efficient lighting options instead of traditional firecrackers, which contribute to noise and air pollution. For high-quality and biodegradable candles, you can turn to Aromahpure to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali.