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7 Best Decorative Candles Ideas for Christmas Gifts : Festive Fragrances

What a great opportunity to make your home even more festive and inviting by adding some delightful scents to your Christmas decorations! Christmas candles are absolutely the most favorite things to purchase as presents and for adorning your home! There is nothing refreshing like a fresh candle to put you in a festive mood! Imagine the delightful scent of sugar and spice along with all things nice, or the refreshing aroma of clean and woody oud. It is sure to bring joy to your space.


From delightful woodsy scents to cozy cinnamon fragrances and delightful fruity blends, we have gathered a collection of the most Decorative Candles for Christmas that will fill your home with festive cheer, are perfect candles for Christmas gifts, and make it smell like it is eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival.


Christmas Candles and Their Significance


Candles hold significant symbolic meanings in various religions, and one enduring tradition is the practice of lighting candles on Christmas Eve. This custom draws inspiration from the Jewish 'Feast of Lights,' also known as Hanukkah. Christmas, a holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, who is revered as the Light of the World, further reinforces the symbolism of candles during this season. Christmas candles symbolize the celestial Light from Heaven, providing solace during the chilly winter nights.

The flickering candlelight serves as a powerful symbol of Jesus Christ throughout the Christmas season. Often referred to as the Divine Light of the World, Christ is seen as the guiding force leading us away from darkness and towards profound enlightenment. The candle's radiant glow represents the journey towards spiritual awakening and the quest to uncover the deeper meaning of human existence. This symbol embodies themes of spirituality, unwavering devotion, and faith.


Decorative Candles for Christmas Gift


List of Best Candles for Christmas Gifts


If you are still looking for gift ideas, consider Decorative scented Candles for Christmas gifts as they are versatile and can be appreciated by a wide range of people. Indeed, utilizing them can be highly beneficial in terms of time and effort saved throughout the year. Holiday gifts are versatile and can provide assistance during the holiday season of year in various ways.

  • Screw Jar Candles Gift Set (Joyful Lavender and Twist)


The screw jar candle lavender and twist set makes for an ideal Candles for Christmas gifts, crafted from soy wax and featuring a calming lavender fragrance. The lavender aroma boasts gentle, sweet floral notes with subtle herbal undertones.


Additionally, it includes another scented candle called 'Twist,' which combines the delightful fragrances of rose and geranium. 'Twist' presents a blend of sweet floral rose notes intertwined with the essence of geranium. Both candles are enriched with essential oils, offering the added advantage of aromatherapy benefits.


  • Screw Jar Candles Gift Set (Sweet Cinnamon and Sweet Cookies)


This sweet cinnamon and cookies screw jar decorative candles for Christmas gifts are an excellent choice for the Christmas season, offering a delightful combination of sweet and spicy fragrances to enhance the festive ambiance.


The sweet cinnamon candles, crafted from eco-friendly soy wax, exude a captivating blend of spicy, warm, musky, and woody cinnamon scents. In contrast, the 'Sweet Cookies' candle offers a charming fragrance reminiscent of freshly baked cookies infused with the delightful essence of sweet, creamy vanilla. This set makes for a wonderful gift and a perfect addition to illuminate your Christmas celebrations.


  • Screw Jar Candles Gift Set (Untold and Thai Lemongrass)


These Candles for Christmas gifts set featuring screw jar candles - Untold and Thai lemongrass is a must-have for the holiday season. The 'Candle Untold' in the set boasts fragrant notes of Petitgrain, Nectarine, Blackcurrant, and Peach, while the 'Thai Lemongrass' candle offers a zesty and tangy lemon aroma, bringing a refreshing ambiance to your home as you celebrate the festive Christmas season, decorate your home, and illuminate your space with these candles. These candles provide a consistent burn with minimal dripping, making post-candle cleanup a breeze.

4 Best Decorative Candles for Christmas Celebration


Scented candles can be a wonderful addition to your home decor. Beautiful scented decorative Candles for Christmas can enhance the ambiance of your home by providing both pleasant lighting and a delightful fragrance. You have the option to gather them as a centerpiece for the holiday meal or place them throughout your home as scented decorations.


  • Matki Glass Jar (Refreshing Rosemary) Candle for Christmas


These Rosemary scented Matki glass jar candles, infused with a refreshing rosemary, serve as the most soothing decorative candles for Christmas. The exquisite Matki design, coupled with the invigorating blend of sweet florals and subtle herbal hints, along with the medicinal aroma of rosemary, instills a sense of serenity in your home. These candles not only reduce anxiety and stress but also infuse your space with positivity during the festive season


  • Matki Glass Jar (Joyous Jasmine)  Decorative Candles for Christmas


Among the top decorative candles for Christmas, this option stands out as both visually appealing and highly beneficial. Infused with the fragrant essence of jasmine, these candles bring forth notes of freshness, cleanliness, and sweet florals, imparting a refreshing ambiance to your home while elevating its aesthetic appeal. The jasmine scented matki glass jar not only uplifts the spirit but also enhances focus and mental clarity, making it a truly effective choice.


  • Matki Glass Jar (Frangipani Dreams) Candles for Christmas


This decorative Candles for Christmas gifts exudes an enduring and soothing scent that transcends time. Its fragrance, characterized by the sweet, clean, and fresh floral notes of frangipani, imparts a tropical breeze infused with exotic aromas, rendering any space more inviting and tranquil.


The combination of its distinctive shape and the refreshing frangipani aroma makes it an exceptional choice. Moreover, this frangipani scented matki glass jar aroma contributes to restful sleep, energizes the atmosphere, and keeps the space free from insects.


  • Matki Glass Jar (Charming Rose) Candles for Christmas


This Decorative Candles for Christmas festive adds a touch of romance, making it the perfect time to indulge in the enchanting scent of roses, which fills your home with positivity. This fragrance is characterized by sweet, soothing floral notes of rose, complemented by the subtle undertones of velvety rose petals.


Rose scented matki glass jar not only infuse your home with freshness but also serve as natural air fresheners. Paired with eco-friendly soy wax, these candles are not only beneficial for your health but also contribute to a healthier indoor environment for your home.




The candles for Christmas gifts, a cherished tradition, even these are an ideal Decorative Candles for Christmas. They symbolize the Light of the World, Jesus Christ, and bring sensory joy. Aromahpure's offers a diverse collection of Christmas candles, making them perfect gifts with a wide range of fragrances.


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