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10 Easy DIY Diya Candle Decoration Ideas for Diwali 2023

In the heart of India's most celebrated festival, Diwali, there's a quest for brilliance that drives people to explore fresh and creative ways to adorn their homes with the warm glow of Candle Diyas. Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is a luminous tapestry that unfurls on the darkest night of the year. As homes come alive with the gentle flicker of Candle Diya Decoration, a profound significance is attached to these tiny beacons of light. They symbolize strength, purity, goodwill, and good fortune, acting as a conduit to invite blessings into our lives. 


The art of Diya and Candle Decoration has evolved over time, transcending the boundaries of mere illumination to become an integral aspect of Diwali festivities and home adornment. In days gone by, simple clay Diyas graced doorways and verandas, illuminating the path to joy. Today, however, they have donned a new avatar, becoming not just sources of light but also exquisite pieces of art. If you're on the hunt for imaginative Candle Diya Decoration ideas for Diwali, we've curated a selection that promises to add a touch of magic and garner you countless compliments.

DIY Candle Diya Decoration for Bedroom

Adding warmth and charm to your bedroom needn't break the bank. You can infuse your space with a delightful touch of coziness and personality through creative DIY Candle Diya Decoration. These intricately adorned candle holders have the power to metamorphose your bedroom into a serene and welcoming haven swiftly.


  • Reuse Your Bangles


We are being serious now. You can repurpose old bangles to create one-of-a-kind Candle Diya Decorations instead of discarding them. To begin, carefully break some bangles into smaller parts, taking care to avoid any potential injuries.


To create decorative ceramic candles, attach the pieces and allow them to dry. Another option is to stack multiple bangles on top of each other and then insert a ceramic candle inside. This way, you can avoid breaking the bangles.


  • Candle Diyas with Decorative Mirrors

There are numerous Diya Decoration ideas available to make your Diwali celebration more special. We would be happy to share some of these ideas with you. To create a Diya and Candle Decoration, gather small mirror stones and an old CD.


To create a decorative Diwali item, you can attach a mirror bead to the edge of a CD. For a more elaborate design, you have the option to attach several mirrors across the CD, leaving enough space for a diya to be placed on it.

  • Side Table Centerpiece Candle

These side table centerpiece candle are the best and simplest way for decorating your bedroom. Side table by grouping the candles in the center of the table. These beautiful scented ceramic candle will make your ambiance more aesthetic and fill your room filled with the soothing fragrance.

DIY Diya and Candle Decoration for Living Room


  • Floating Candle Diya

Raising the bar on your DIY décor at home is a surefire way to increase the number of compliments you receive. One of the best ways to impress guests is with a floating decoration, one of the most used Diya and Candle Decorations.


It is as simple as filling a large bowl with water, dropping in some rose or marigold petals, and topping the whole thing off with some floating candles or tea lights. They look absolutely stunning in big hallways or foyers and enhance the festive aesthetics beautifully. You may completely alter the aesthetic of your landscape by adding just a few huge metal pots or crystal bowls.

  • Peacock-Shaped Candle Diya Decoration

Incorporating peacock feathers into decorative items and ornaments carries a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. It's also an exceptionally creative idea for Candle Diya Decoration.

You can acquire tealight candles and paint them in a vivid peacock blue hue to infuse a touch of realism. To complete the look, affix peacock feathers to the back of the candles or arrange them in a circular formation, placing tealight candles atop for a stunning effect.

  • Matki Holder As Candle Diya Decoration

For Diwali decoration, utilizing Matki candles holders can be incredibly effective. Antique lanterns, glass holders, or crafting your own tealight holder with a traditional flair can beautifully illuminate your living room.

You can readily discover scented tealight candles with various fragrances. Consider fashioning a crochet holder for your tealights/ Matki glass jar candles, employing a metallic box, or even crafting a cardboard mandala to encase the tealight candle at the center.


Diya and Candle Decoration

DIY Diya and Candle Decoration for Entrance

  • Diyas and Lanterns Made of Paper

Quilling, which is a craft involving intricate paper shapes, can add a classy touch to your diya and candle decorations. There are various ways to use this craft for decorating diyas. For example, you can create beautiful diya holders by arranging quilled paper petals in circles on a sturdy paper base.


Alternatively, you can attach these quilled shapes directly onto tea lights using a hot glue gun to achieve a similar effect. When choosing your quilling paper, go for festive colors, and in no time, you'll be ready to light up the festival of lights in a stylish way. This makes decorating diyas super easy and fun!

  • Candle and Diya Decoration with Bead-Made

Enhance the appearance of your candle diyas with this creative diya decoration idea. To purchase a variety of colorful beads, consider visiting a local shop that specializes in selling beads and stones. To create a Diwali candle diya decoration at home, you will need glue and paint.


To create decorative candle diyas, begin by painting them in your preferred colors. Then, carefully apply beads to the surface of the diya, ensuring they are evenly distributed. The harmony of colors and light in this product will enhance the appearance of your home during Diwali.

  • Candles Diya Decoration with Rangoli

On Diwali, there's no limit to the number of Diyas you can illuminate, spreading boundless joy. This festive season, think about creating a stunning rangoli adorned with beautifully crafted candle Diyas Decoration.


This distinctive choice will make you stand out and offer wonderful photo opportunities for your social media. You can enhance the rangoli further by incorporating vibrant flowers and colors, and don't forget to include various types of candles like Matki glass jar candles, tealight candles, or round glass jar candles to complete the enchanting display.


In conclusion, Diwali is a time of limitless celebration, where the radiance of Diyas knows no bounds, and the happiness they bring is immeasurable. This Diwali, go the extra mile by creating a mesmerizing rangoli adorned with beautifully crafted Diya and Candle Decoration.


This creative endeavor will not only set you apart but also offer fantastic opportunities to capture the magic of the festival on your social media. By adding vibrant flowers, colors, and an array of candle varieties like Matki glass jar candles, tealight Candles, or round glass jar candles, you can elevate the beauty of your rangoli and share the spirit of Diwali with the world.


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